GSR, founded in 1971, is a distinguished German company that operates today under the name GSR Ventiltechnik. Renowned for its development, production, and distribution of solenoid and compressed air-controlled valves, all manufactured in Germany, GSR offers a comprehensive product range exceeding 1,000 valve options. These valves find applications across diverse sectors such as hydrogen plants, shipbuilding, water treatment, space technology, and the food industry.

GSR valves are distinguished by their versatility, available in a variety of materials and with various seals tailored to meet specific customer requirements. The company, GSR Ventiltechnik, holds certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001, underscoring its commitment to quality management. Additionally, GSR boasts numerous approvals for its valves and coils, including Atex, DVGW, Germanischer Lloyd, GOST, and UL, ensuring compliance with diverse regulatory standards. European Electronics proudly stocks and supplies GSR Products, guaranteeing top quality, backed by warranty, and ensuring swift delivery.

Since 1999, GSR has operated as a subsidiary of Indus Holding AG in Bergisch Gladbach, forging a strong partnership that enhances its position within the industry.

GSR's valve offerings encompass a wide range of specifications, including:
• High-pressure valves/hydrogen valves up to 1,200 bar
• Low-pressure valves up to -0.9 bar
• High-temperature valves up to +400 °C
• Cryogenic valves down to -196 °C
• Production of valve blocks"

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