Airpax / Sensata

Airpax / Sensata

With a legacy spanning over a century, Sensata has consistently delivered tailored, sensor-rich solutions designed to meet intricate engineering demands across diverse industries. From automotive and aircraft to industrial, heavy vehicle, off-road, HVAC, and marine sectors, Sensata's commitment to innovation has empowered customers to overcome complex challenges.

Employing over 21,000 professionals across 16 countries, Sensata's global presence reflects its dedication to creating products that enhance safety, environmental sustainability, efficiency, and connectivity. European Electronics proudly stocks and supplies Airpax/Sensata Products, guaranteeing top-notch quality, backed by warranty, and ensuring swift delivery.

Sensata Technologies, a renowned global industrial technology company, is at the forefront of ushering in a cleaner, more efficient, electrified, and connected world. Our extensive portfolio, encompassing sensors, electrical protection components, and sensor-rich solutions, not only meets but exceeds the demands of evolving engineering and operational performance requirements.

Sensata Products:
• Pressure Sensors
• Contactors & Fuses
• Inverters & Chargers
• Temperature
• Relays
• Position Sensors & Encoders
• Switches
• Blind Spot Monitoring Systems
• Force Sensors
• Circuit Breakers
• Battery Management Systems
• Liquid Level & Flow
• Motor Protectors
• Speed
• Motors & Actuators
• Operator Controls
• Insulation Monitoring Devices
• Current & Voltage Sensing
• Tire Management Solutions / TPMS
• Electric Vehicle Communication Controllers

At European Electronics, we are dedicated to providing you with access to these cutting-edge Sensata products, ensuring you receive the highest quality, backed by our commitment to reliability and efficient delivery.

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